“Testing” from Past

It’s never late to start! I always thought of writing something technical I am working upon, but laziness and binge thinking always drew me back. Lets break some traditions.

I started working with Novell about one and half years back as my first employer. I was assigned automation testing as part of development testing for SSLVPN (Access Manager) as my first project. There, I learnt about different aspects of testing and automation.

I learnt and worked with QTP and developed some scripts, QTP has  powerful features, easy interface and a wide range of users, that’s why it is known as one of the best automation tool for Windows.

While going ahead our next task was to develop same scripts for Linux and Mac. Mainly work was done in a browser so I was suggested to use Selenium because of its ability to record tests in Firefox and compatibility to run them on different browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox of course!) and on different platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows as well).

Selenium IDE is an Open Source Firefox plugin which can record tests in HTML table format and gives you an option to convert them to any programming language of your choice (Pearl, Python, Ruby, Java etc). I decided to give “ruby” a try (no particular reason, I wasn’t comfortable with any of them, so had to pick one) . Ruby is not as popular as all these languages but was interested to work upon.

I started converting all my scripts to ruby and later modified them appropriately. Selenium RC is a server which provides libraries for all the languages supported by Selenium. Before running a script it is necessary to start Selenium RC server with appropriate environment set.

I left working on automation about a year back. I don’t have much to share, but you can go to Selenium page for more details.

I would like to thank Shiva, Jency, and Neeraj for helping me during the project. Apart from developing scripts I got a little experience with Shell programming and Perl scripting.

We recorded many scripts and tested them across different browsers and different platforms. But I had to leave this project because I got an opportunity to work with an awesome Open Source project called  Evolution.

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2 Responses to “Testing” from Past

  1. raveendran says:

    Special about Ruby —
    * Its very easy programming language.
    *Top 2 open source automation testing tools are Selenium and Watir. If you knew ruby then You can use both the tools. Selenium supports 6 languages but watir supports only Ruby. (Watin,Watij available for other languages but its little bit tough to learn initially.)

    Raveendran P

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