Gnome Asia and Me

Last week was quite eventful, not just because of special cricket world cup we had, but we also had Gnome Asia Summit in Bangalore on 2nd and 3rd of April. Overall experience was very good, met with many happy hackers and users.

Before summit we had Hackfest and student training session. Like all other open source contributors who believe in sharing knowledge, I also felt good by sharing my limited knowledge with students. Our intention was to help students to get a start towards contribution to Open Source.

I covered these topics during my session :

  • Version Control
  • Git
  • Compiling a package from source code / tarball
  • Building a package using Jhbuild
  • Solution of common errors during compilation

We also had some hands on sessions on git and Bugzilla. It was great to see some enthusiastic students around. If interested you can download the presentation.

I had a lots of discussion regarding Linux, OpenSuse, Gnome3, contribution to open source and more with students. We distributed about 800 Opensuse 11.4 Dvds, many people installed it during the conference, and many of them started using Gnome3. I also did upgrade to 11.4 and now using Gnome3, and guess what, its simply awesome :).

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