Do movies incite criminal behavior?

Our universe is 13.77 billion years old, Earth is 4.54 billion years old, human race is 200,000 years old, and the era of movies started 125 years ago. Since the advent of human, history has witnessed several atrocities on humans, ironically, committed by humans. History has witnessed the most heinous crimes that some of them are not even possible today. If we observe closely, we will realize that world is becoming a better place to live than it used to be. People are benevolent, they have moral values, and they have the power to discern between good and evil.

When we were small, our grandmother would tell us stories and fairy tales. A story, in which, good would eventually overcome evil. A story, in which, the protagonist would kill the antagonist. A movie is nothing but a story in audible and visual form. A movie is a portrayal of characters, imagination of writers, execution of directors, and the work of many others involved. Like a story, a movie stimulates imagination, thinking, creativity, and curiosity. Movies are the way of communicating ideas, experiences, feelings, and perceptions. Movies educate, show a new world, and open up a new dimension. They make us laugh, and they make us cry. They entertain us when we are bored. Most importantly they inspire us. We all like watching movies, and we all have our favorites. The choice of movies and the choice of genre differ for different people, and they should.

Out of different genre of movies, only few have crime and violence as their main theme. They do show crime and violence, but it is inevitable. They show crime because it’s in their theme. They show violence because story demands it. But viewers always know that the crime shown in the movie is not real. Almost all of them depict criminals as villains, the hero defeats them, they are punished, and crime is always shown in a bad light. Movies make people aware of the crimes and their repercussions. They also show that criminals don’t lead an easy life, and no crime goes unpunished. In the end, if something inspires a person that is the hero, heroic deeds and achievements, not the villain or crime. Some people might argue that there were few incidents inspired from a movie, but that was not the scene from the movie which incited the criminal, instead that was his mental state.

Movies allow us to live many lives. When we watch a movie, we delve into a different world, a world of surprises and wonders. They enrich us with different experiences. They inspire us. They let our emotion flow. They tell us about different cultures and bring social diversity. They are one of the best things happened to us.

Recently, I submitted the above article in a written debate session, which was conducted at Voiceit Toastmasters Club.

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Latest stable evolution for openSUSE

Some people don’t upgrade software to a newer version because they find building it from sources little hard, tricky or time consuming. So here is an easy way to upgrade the evolution to latest stable versions on openSUSE 11.4.

openSUSE 11.4 comes with gnome 2.32 so is evolution. Gnome3 was released about 2 months ago and many people have started using it.

If you are still using gnome 2.32 and want to upgrade evolution to latest stable version 3.0 without upgrading whole Gnome stack here is the repository you can use:

You can also use 1-Click-Install  Evolution-3.0

If you are using Gnome3, above repository will also upgrade your evolution with latest fixes in stable branch. Upgrading to evolution-3.0 will also upgrade evolution-data-server, gtk, glib and some other packages.

If you still want to stick with 2.32, but want all fixes in the respective branch, here you can get latest fixes of 2.32 branch:

You can also use 1-Click-Install Evolution-2.32

OBS is a great tool which I was discovering last week and will carry on doing so. We are planing to trigger build on weekly basis. I am also working on building master (unstable) evolution and hopefully soon you will be able to use it.

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Gnome Asia and Me

Last week was quite eventful, not just because of special cricket world cup we had, but we also had Gnome Asia Summit in Bangalore on 2nd and 3rd of April. Overall experience was very good, met with many happy hackers and users.

Before summit we had Hackfest and student training session. Like all other open source contributors who believe in sharing knowledge, I also felt good by sharing my limited knowledge with students. Our intention was to help students to get a start towards contribution to Open Source.

I covered these topics during my session :

  • Version Control
  • Git
  • Compiling a package from source code / tarball
  • Building a package using Jhbuild
  • Solution of common errors during compilation

We also had some hands on sessions on git and Bugzilla. It was great to see some enthusiastic students around. If interested you can download the presentation.

I had a lots of discussion regarding Linux, OpenSuse, Gnome3, contribution to open source and more with students. We distributed about 800 Opensuse 11.4 Dvds, many people installed it during the conference, and many of them started using Gnome3. I also did upgrade to 11.4 and now using Gnome3, and guess what, its simply awesome :).

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“Testing” from Past

It’s never late to start! I always thought of writing something technical I am working upon, but laziness and binge thinking always drew me back. Lets break some traditions.

I started working with Novell about one and half years back as my first employer. I was assigned automation testing as part of development testing for SSLVPN (Access Manager) as my first project. There, I learnt about different aspects of testing and automation.

I learnt and worked with QTP and developed some scripts, QTP has  powerful features, easy interface and a wide range of users, that’s why it is known as one of the best automation tool for Windows.

While going ahead our next task was to develop same scripts for Linux and Mac. Mainly work was done in a browser so I was suggested to use Selenium because of its ability to record tests in Firefox and compatibility to run them on different browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox of course!) and on different platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows as well).

Selenium IDE is an Open Source Firefox plugin which can record tests in HTML table format and gives you an option to convert them to any programming language of your choice (Pearl, Python, Ruby, Java etc). I decided to give “ruby” a try (no particular reason, I wasn’t comfortable with any of them, so had to pick one) . Ruby is not as popular as all these languages but was interested to work upon.

I started converting all my scripts to ruby and later modified them appropriately. Selenium RC is a server which provides libraries for all the languages supported by Selenium. Before running a script it is necessary to start Selenium RC server with appropriate environment set.

I left working on automation about a year back. I don’t have much to share, but you can go to Selenium page for more details.

I would like to thank Shiva, Jency, and Neeraj for helping me during the project. Apart from developing scripts I got a little experience with Shell programming and Perl scripting.

We recorded many scripts and tested them across different browsers and different platforms. But I had to leave this project because I got an opportunity to work with an awesome Open Source project called  Evolution.

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Hello There

hmmm, well, my first post just want to say Hi !!

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